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This transcription project is a collaboration of Kelly Houston Jones, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History and Philosophy, Austin Peay State University (jonesk at apsu dot edu), and the First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville, TN. The church gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Prof. Jones' service learning students to this project.

Contributors of transcriptions to the project must first create a Wikimedia account at this site before returning to ClarksvilleDIYHistory to transcribe items in the database. Your Wikimedia login name and password are required to participate in the transcription project.

Transcription Tips (adapted from

  • Don’t worry about formatting.
  • Transcribe words as they are spelled or abbreviated. Resist the temptation to correct what you see in the document.
  • Do not transcribe text that has been crossed out.
  • Do not transcribe hyphens or spaces in words that occur at line breaks.
  • Indicate if you can’t decipher a word. If you are unsure of a word or phrase, please use [illegible], or your best guess followed by a question mark within brackets [Chattanooga?], or even [town?] or [name?].
  • If you see the term [illegible] in a transcription, please try to decipher and transcribe the word.
  • Transcribe simple forms. Please try to transcribe all elements of the document, including typewritten text that may appear in a table, form, etc. *Don’t worry about formatting the transcription. If a page is entirely typewritten, do not transcribe it.
  • Consider the context. If you’re having trouble with a word or passage, read “around” it and think about what a likely word would be, or look for other letters and spellings in the document that are similar.
  • Be aware of contemporary spelling and abbreviations. Common eighteenth and nineteenth-century abbreviations and their full spellings include: inst. = a date in this month (e.g. the 15th inst.); ult. = a date in the previous month (5th ult.); &c = et cetera; Common “misspellings” and writing conventions: ware = were; thare = there; verry = very; evry = every; evning = evening; perhapse = perhaps; attacted = attacked; fiew = few; greaddeal or great eal or gread eal = great deal; fs = ss (e.g. mifses = misses); do = ditto.
  • Contact us for more specific questions/problems.

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